Photon LED Therapy Facial Massager

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This the lower-powered LED visible light source, the light is soft, not only can it achieve cosmetic results, but also does not damage the skin epidermal cells. LED photons can stimulate the deep cells, make the active ingredients of the nutrient solution penetrate to the skin effectively, increase skin elasticity. Therefore, it can repair aging skin and reborn collagen, remove wrinkles and spots, improve skin complexion and lift the face.



1. RF(Radio Frequency): RF can give the skin electric heating, thus causing the changes in skin structure,  improve the absorption rate of nutrients in skincare products, so that skincare products can play a better skincare effect 

2. EMS(Muscle electrical stimulation): Exercise the expression of muscle, firming facial contour, to achieve the effect of firming and tightening skin

3. Export function(clean skin): Through the micro-current derived the melanin and cosmetic residues from the skin, decompose the skin's oil and balance the skin's oil secretion, improve complexion

4、Import function (leads the nutritious into base skin): Through the reaction between negative charge and nutrient composition in nutrition, makes nutrients penetrate into the skin deep, also makes the skin better absorb nutrients; Thus tightening the skin efficiently, make the skin rosy, delicate and elastic.


1、4 conductive metalheads: use the imported material.

2、LED colored light: A variety of color modes, there is always one mode that suits you.

3、Conductive metal strip: Bilateral contact-type.

4、Switch and gear adjusting key: The strength of the current is controlled by you.

5、Independent socket: more convenient and safe.

6、Curvilinear style body: In accordance with ergonomic design.

Package Includes:

1. Main Machine x1

2. English Manual x1

3. Power line x1

4. Charging stand x1

Brand Name: Beauty Star
Power Source: electric
Material: Plastic
Item Name: Multifunctional RF EMS LED Beauty Machine
Power Supply: Charging by USB
Charging period: 3 hours
Lead in nutrition Nourishing: Skin Tightening & Lifting, Remove acne, Whitening
Helps to rejuvenate the skin: Eye Face Massager
EMS Ultrasound: RF Radio Frequency Facial Machine
RF Face Lifting Device: LED Photon Therapy
Eye, Face, Neck & Body Care: Acne Removal, Spot Remover, Remove eye bags
Electric Body Facial Massager: Facial Beauty Spa Equipment
LED Facial Massager: Microcurrent EMS Ultrasound Massager

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